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Sodium Chemical Compounds
Sodium Chemical Compounds are used to refine various reactive metals such as potassium, zirconium and many others. These are needed to improve the alloy structures, cleanse the molten metals and descaling of metal. Also, these compounds work as the desiccant as well as reducing agent for organic synthesis.
Ammonium Chemical Compound
Ammonium Chemical Compounds are provided with distinctive odor. These suffice as the best-quality building-block chemicals. These assist in the manufacturing of several products and are accessible with high purity.
Potassium Chemical Compound
Potassium Chemical Compounds are useful to make high-quality and fertilizers. These are very important for the growth of plants and are also demanded for the manufacturing of glass production, soaps, detergents, batteries, gold mining, dyes etc.
Calcium Chemical Compound
Calcium Chemical Compounds are useful to make cement as well as mortar. These are also demanded in the glass industry and can be added to the toothpaste as well as mineral supplements. 
Magnesium Sulphate Compound
The Magnesium Sulphate Compound we offer is used as a desiccant in the organic synthesis process. It has affinity to water and finds compatibility with several organic compounds. The compound can be dissolved in water. Also, these work as the firming agent as well as excellent flavor enhancer.
Ferrous Sulphate
Ferrous Sulphate are the iron supplements, utilized for the prevention of low blood levels. These are made to compensate the deficiency of health. We provide them with high purity and are meant to be stored at room temperature. 
Agriculture Chemical
The Agricultural chemicals we offer can be used as the effective pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, insecticides and herbicides. These are utilized in sector of farming so as to control pests as well as disease. They are needed to offer growth to plants.
Limestone Powder
Limestone powder has numerous uses. It can be utilized as the excellent building material as well as an essential concrete component. This is used to make chemical feedstock as well as high-quality toothpaste or paints.
NPK Water Soluble Fertilizer
The NPK Water Soluble Fertilizers we offer are suited for maintaining the NPK nutrient balance in several plants. These are finer than the pesticides and assist in fertigation. These are useful for the growth of fruits, cereals, pulses, cotton, flowers, tea and vegetables.

Copper Sulphate
The Copper sulfate we deal in functional as a fungicide, killer and algaecide. This is herbicide applicable for both non-agricultural and agriculture settings. This is functional as an antimicrobial agent. This inorganic compound is made to kill the algae, roots, bacteria, plants, fungi and snails.
Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous Powder
The Sodium Carbonate Anhydrous Powder is a strong alkali base powder, which is used for making several green cleaning products. It has wide utility in different industries. This is suited to make several personal care products.
Manganese Carbonate Powder
The Manganese Carbonate Powder is widely utilized as an additive to plant fertilizers. It has capacity to cure the manganese deficient crops. This is used during the harvesting of health foods and is also functional as a flux as well as glaze colorant. 
Zinc Sulphate
Zinc sulfate we deal in used medically as a dietary supplement. This is used to treat the zinc deficiency and can prevent the conditions that can cause by the deficiency of zinc. This is useful for the oral rehydration therapy as well as can be injected, when used as the injectable. 

Zinc Sulphide
The Zinc Sulphide is functional as an inorganic compound. This is an intrinsic and transparent compound, white in color. This is a by-product of ammonia synthesis that is industrially used for several years. This is applicable for infrared optics and works as a phosphor in assorted applications.
Bio Organic Fertilizer
The Bio Organic Fertilizers we deal in are the nutrients made through the natural procedures of solubilizing phosphorus as well as nitrogen fixation. These are included with growth-promoting substances and enable the growth of healthy. Also, these contribute to the health and sustainability of the soil.
Hydrated Lime Powder
Hydrated lime powder is functional as a dry, crystalline and colorless powder that can be mixed with water. This is also functional as slack lime, suited for the production of plasters, cements, mortars, paints, hard rubber, etc. This is suited for the effective water treatment as well as soil stabilization. This is required for the sector of food, paper and leather. 
Inorganic Salt
The water-soluble inorganic salts in the offering are often used as laboratory reagent, fertilizer, mordant in dyeing, reducing agent in chemical reactions, cleaning agent, pH regulator, emulsifier, etc. This range finds use in many industrial and commercial applications, including leather tanning, food additives production and more.
Buy from us pesticides that are specifically designed to control the population of insect larvae and Brown Plant Hopper (BPH), which cause reduced plant growth and yield. These chemicals are used to target specific pesticides, which is why these are considered good for the environment and non-target organisms.
Sodium Sulphate
Buy from us inorganic compounds that are ideal for your commercial and industrial application requirements. Sodium sulphate anhydrous 99% is used in detergents, glass, food, chemical, and many other industries, while Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate (SLES) foaming agent is used in detergent and personal care products.
Di Potassium Phosphate
The water-soluble di potassium phosphate is available in the form of a white crystalline powder that finds use in the food, pharmaceutical, agriculture, and fertilizer industries. This versatile and effective inorganic chemical compound is used as a buffering agent, stabilizing agent, etc.
Laboratory Chemical
Laboratory chemicals available in the forms of fine powder, crystalline powder, and granules, that find use in many laboratory and industrial applications. These chemicals are used as a buffer solution, flocculant, pH adjuster, and reagent, to name a few. They also find use in textile printing, metal plating, horticulture, plant tissue culture, glass manufacturing, and other industrial applications.
Sodium Hypochlorite
Sodium Hypochlorite available in liquid form is used in the production of household cleaning products, and disinfectants. This chemical compound also finds use in processes, like water treatment and chemical synthesis. Handle it with care as it can be toxic if it comes into contact with skin or is ingested or inhaled.
Calcium Carbonate
Precipitated Calcium Carbonate available as a fine white powder with consistent particle size distribution is used in many products, like paint, paper, plastic, cement, and concrete. This powder can be quickly and conveniently incorporated into the products.

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